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Never Be Lonely Again

Despite living in a world where people can connect to a global web of communities, cultures and experiences through social media platforms like Facebook and have hundreds of friends, the reality of loneliness can’t be ignored. According to a recent poll by the reputable polling organization Statista 60% of Canadians and 65% of Americans reported feeling lonely when asked the question “How often do people feel lonely?” This highlights the need for a platform where individuals can connect with like-minded people who have similar interests and are seeking true friendships. Introducing, Friends-Zone, a social app designed to facilitate such connections.

Find New, Lasting Friends.

The Friends-Zone is the creation of, Dwight, whose friend circle has shifted due to significant life events and the recent pandemic and the restrictions. Realizing the importance of human connections, he wondered how he could create some new and interesting friendships and thus the app was born.  

Friends-Zone is easy to use. Simply, set up your personal profile by selecting from a diverse range of demographics including age groups, activities, hobbies and more using a  geographical radius of up to 200 miles.

Find Like-minded Connections.

The Friends-Zone employs and instant search feature that scans its database to identify individuals who share similar interests, making it easier for you to find potential friends.  Once a match is made with a friend or a group of friends, you can connect with them privately through the chat feature. Whether you have recently relocated, are a widower or you simply wish to expand your circle of friends, Friends-Zone is an excellent platform to meet new people. It is specifically designed to help you find a friend. 

Built to Guide People.

In the words of, Friends-Zone, developer, Dwight, “I created Friends-Zone to guide people who may feel alone so that they know that there is a friend out there somewhere,  always. Friends-Zone can be their connection point.” Download the Friends-Zone today on iPhone and together let’s make the world a friendlier place.

App Features

  • Set up customized profiles

    Create a personalized profile tailored to your preferences by choosing from a range of diverse and inclusive demographics including age groups, geographical radius (up to 200 miles), activities, hobbies, religious affiliations and more. This will enable you to better connect with like-minded individuals on the Friends-Zone app.

  • Access to large databases

    The Friends-Zone will instantly search its database seeking like minded potential friends for you.

  • Access to private chats

    Upon finding a matching friend on the Friends-Zone app, you will be able to connect with them through a private chat feature. This allows for a more intimate and personal connection, fostering the growth of true friendships.

  • Simple and user-friendly

    Whether you've recently relocated, are a widower, or simply wish to expand your social circle, Friends-Zone provides an excellent platform to meet new people and make genuine connections. Our App is specifically designed to help you find a friend that shares your interests and values. Join Friends-Zone today and take the first step towards building meaningful friendships.



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